Jan Heyl Art
     Pastels, Monotypes and Multimedia.

Aspen on Black
9 x 12 Pastel

 River Solitude, 16 x 20 Pastel
Limited Edition Giclee Prints available.
.Triple Tryptch,  Green Gold Aspen,  Orange Gold Aspen and Red Aspen,  all 12 x 12 squares.
Green Gold and Orange Gold Tryptch also painted in 24 inch squares.
Yellow Orange and Yellow Green  Tryptchs were selected to be printed on glass, 48 inches each, and backlit for the entrance to the Capella Residences in Grand Junction.

Originals and Giclee prints available for all of these images.  Pricing Below
Blue Gold Aspen, 12 x 18
Prices:  (Unframed,  framing options available)

Original Pastels:

12 x 12 inch Tryptch (3 paintings each)       $ 375  (unframed)
                                                                     $500   (framed in black frames.)
24 x 24 inch Tryptch (3 paintings each)       $1500  (unframed

Aspen on Black, 9 x 12                                $ 260   (framed in black frame)
River Solitude, 16 x 20                                 $ 442  (framed in decorative brown frame)
Blue Gold Aspen, 12 x 18                            $ 280   (unframed), 

Framing options available.