Jan Heyl Art
     Pastels, Monotypes and Multimedia.

About Monotypes
Monotypes are created from a special type of printing technique that was historically used by artists such as Degas as an under painting or a stand- alone piece of art. The pieces shown here are hand printed (not done by a press) which creates a special textural effect as the ink is hand pressed into the print paper with a flat edged instrument.
The monotypes here were created by  covering  acetate sheets black printing ink. The white portions of the painting were then removed to create the printing plate.  Archival print paper is moistened, the inked side of the “plate” is pressed onto the moist print paper.   Only one print can be made – thus it is called a monotype.
  A ghost image can also be created with the remaining ink on the plate. These can also be interesting under-paintings.  See Aspens below, also Ghost Horse and Spring, all painted on ghost images.
Aspen Adagio (14 x 11) Monotype
Aspen Allegro (14 x 11 Monotype "ghost" with pastel 
Butterfly Series,  Print size 14 x 14 on 17 x 17 inch paper, 
Monarch Migration I
Monarch Migration II
Morning Meal 
Monarch Migration III
Ghost Horse, 11 x 14 on 14 x 17 paper
Spring,  14 x 11,  Pastel on print of monotype.
Warbler Series
Chestnut Sided Warbler,  
Monotype Ghost with Pastel,
11x 14 on 14 x 17 paper
Monotype Pricing is Currently being updated.  Call or email for current pricing.
Chestnut sided Warbler Monotype
Iris Adagio, 11 x 14 on 13 x 17 paper
Magnolia Warbler Monotype,  11 x 14 on 14 x 17 paper
Dubrovnick Door,  Croatia
11 x 14 on 14 x 17 print paper
Dubrovnick Door,  Pastel on Ghost of Monotype
11 x 14 on 14 x 17 Print Paper